Terms of Membership
1. You may have movies, apps, mp3’s, etc. in your library. If you have porn or faces of death in your library you will have 1 chance to remove them or you will be kicked until you remove them. If you have any of the following files rape, teen, kiddie, bondage, bestiality, incest, snuff, or any other offensive files. You will be kick/banned immediately!

2. Be pleasant and nice to others in our room. Remember that you wear our tag, so be respectful when you are in other channels or downloading from someone else. Your actions reflect on us as a group.

3. Please organize your files for easier browsing. For movies you can put (Movie) in front of each and for songs you can put (mp3's). It is your choice as long as your files are neat and easy to read. This really does help browsing and is much appreciated by other .•:*MJ*:•. members.

4. You will be expected to stay in the room when sharing with other members. This is important so other .•:*MJ*:•. members in the room can contact you. You could be anybody if you're not in the room we can’t tell you from a tag stealer.

5. Vulgarity will not be acceptable please keep you conversations socially acceptable

6. We are an adult room and only 18+ will be tagged. How ever we allow minors to visit us. There is no age limit for visiting.

7. To receive a tag we will evaluate your request for membership and decide by your participation in the room if you would make a good addition to Movie Junkies. You must have at least 1 full movie in your files. If you have a movie that has 2 parts, both together are considered 1 full movie file. (T.V. episodes, Documentary, and IMAX are not considered as a movie file) We understand that some people might not have the hard drive space for a lot of files and that is ok. The files you do have though should be current ones that other members would find interesting. That way you will be a helpful asset to others in our chat room.

8. NO spamming in other rooms, NO cloning or ghost writing in the room, NO Abusive use of ASCII art also Caps is considered yelling in a chat forum. Please limit your use of caps to expression outburst, and not use as a font.

9. Please Allow incoming messages from all sources. That allows you to be contacted whether you are in the room or not. Also as a more reliable form of communication. Most members choose to use yahoo messenger, if you need more information about it contact one of your Admins in the room.

10. Movie Junkies is a movie chat room. It is not a political or dating forum. We ask that “No Politics or A/S/L” be posted in the room. .•:*MJ*:•. Doesn’t mean that you can’t get to know each other but if you are looking for a date or want to discuss a sensitive political view, please go to one of those rooms. .•:*MJ*:•. Is made up of members from all over the world so please be respectful of others feelings and cultures.

11. There is to be No Spamming in the .•MJ*:•. chat room, by members or visitors. “Do Not” go and spam in other rooms. This will get you banned from MJ. Most other rooms will also ban you. Spamming could be anything from inviting friends to a new room, repeated posting of any kind or website information not pertaining to help sites used for Movie Junkies members.

12. Our host and Admins have a lot to look out for to keep Movie Junkies the great room that it is. You might not always agree with our choices. We do however respect your input. If we have made a decision that you feel is wrong please bring it to the Admins attention in a private chat. DO NOT retaliate in the room and make things worse. If you are having a conflict with another member and you choose not to take it to a private chat you will both be kicked for 24 hours or until each party has calmed down and can solve the issue by yourselves or with the help of an admin.

13. Please choose one screen name and stick with it. Having a large member base makes it difficult to keep up with everyone’s names. No one is to change their name without asking an Admin first and having a good reason. If you decide to change your name with out asking an admin, we might not recognize it and you could be kicked. It is ok to add afk, bed, zzzz, etc. on the front. If you are going to have more than 1 pc in the room please inform Admin Before you bring it in so we don’t kick or ban you as a tag thief.
Thanks for understanding why this needs to be done.

14. Please be courteous when asking for a download and don’t hound someone for a start. This goes for asking members or even a non-member. Please remember other members might have been Qued before you. Our members will start you as soon as possible. You have priority as an MJ member. If someone is giving you trouble, please bring it to the attention of an Admin. Remember you get more when you’re polite about it.

15. You should proudly wear your tag at all times.
If you leave Movie Junkies to join another movie room or just quit MJ room you will be removed from the members list. If you remove your tag, for any reason, that will be considered as quitting the MJ room. Movie Junkies Admins will need a majority vote to give you a tag back. So think about it a second time before removing the tag. Dropping your tag for the third time will require a unanimous vote from the Admin to give you your tag back!

16. The use of Personal information with malicious intent , i.e. yahoo and msn addy’s first names, phone numbers, addresses etc. Anything that will identify who, and where you, or anyone else is. Doing so will result in being kicked and possibly banned if it continues. If you want to give out Your personal information do it in a pm or yahoo etc.

(We will respect your choice to leave MJ if that arises. Although if you become a problem for the room by fighting in chat, messaging other members to join with you or advertising. You will be banned from the room.)

To sum it all up, use common sense, be nice, share and enjoy the room!!!

After Reading the RULES do you.....

By clicking "Accept" - You follow rules and accept membership. (see also Warning at the bottom)

By Clicking "Decline" - Wish not to follow rules and will not be acceptable for membership.




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