Some Helpful Hints For Setting Up Winmx - For Newbies

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1. A few things to do to help prevent you from getting bogus files:

   A. Learn who to trust with good files and hit to download from them. Even if they don't start you on the file at least you get a good hash mark for the file.

   B. After getting a hash mark for a file do a search for alternates. Open plus sign to see all the peeps with the file and compare what is said in the description. Make sure they match what file you are looking for.

   C. Get a player called VLC player. It will play any file. If it won't play with VLC it is either defective or bogus. You can also use VLC to view files while they are downloading.

   D. Some of the problems you are having being able to play a file is you don't have the right codec. Get Ace Mega Codec Pack. 51 meg size. Then almost all files will play with windows media player. The few that won't use the VLC player.


2. After you browse someone and hit download and you can't get queued:

   A. If you try to queue on someone with over 100 peeps in queue you will need to open plus sign on left of file in transfers. Right click on peep and hit enter queue.

   B. You and the peep you are trying to get file from may need to refresh your files.

   C. You may be fire walled with some peeps and will not be able to download or upload with them.

   D. You may be in their ignore list.


3. Lots of peeps like to change their name and add things like AFK, ZZZZ, AWAY, etc. Only thing is most don't realize that this changes your winmx address and will cause you to lose most all of your download and upload queues. Not the ones that are running though.


4. Helpful hints for some of the winmx settings:

   A. In winmx settings - winmx peer network - allocated bandwidth - set to at least 10 out and 15 in or higher. This uses a small amount of bandwidth but makes your winmx connection more stable.

   B. In winmx settings - Queuing - set boxes from top to bottom - 20 - 2 - 1 - 1. By setting the max downloads per user to 2 means all files you queue on a certain peep after 2 will be queued locally and the peep you queued on will only see the first 2 files queued. After one finishes another will queue up. This helps keep you out of ignore lists cause a lot of peeps don't like it when you queue a lot of files. The reason for 1 upload and 1 upload per user is to give you the control to manualy start who you want too.

   C. In winmx settings - bandwidth throttle - top box should be unchecked and have 1 million in box. Check the outgoing bandwidth and set to 15% less than your max upload speed. Example - if your max upload speed is 30,000 then put 25,000 in box and this will get you the max download speed.

   D. In search under the 2 long boxes that say artist and /or title there is a box with mp3 audio in it. Click on it and change to the different types of files you want to search for.

   E. In search click on auto find sources and set it to 10. This will have winmx looking for the file as often as it can.

   F. In search click on auto enter queue and set it to 100. Most peeps with good files keep 100 or more in their queues at all times and this setting will get you into more queues.


5. You need to browse yourself once in awhile to see how everyone else is seeing your files:

   A. Sometimes you get what is called ghost files. Files showing up that are not really there. Refreshing your files will usually make them go away. Ghost files can make it look to someone like you have lots of porn files and in reality you have none.

   B. Winmx only allows you to share 3,000 files in secondary and 5,000 files in primary connection. If you have anymore than that in shares no one will see them when they browse you. So it's not worth showing more than can be seen. Again - Browse yourself to see what your files look like to the other guy.